Sample Critical Issue Page

Here's a brief introduction to my topic. I'm going to write only a few sentences to give you a main idea, but I won't go into too much detail because I want you to keep reading. This is similar to an introduction to a paper. You may want to add a photo or video if it gives some key information, but charts, graphs, and statistics are too much for this opening page.

About Me

Here's some information about me. I am a teacher at Hunterdon Central Regional High School. I teach English II and Critical Issues in Literature, my favorite class ever because I get to read Into the Wild and talk about Jon Krakauer. I could tell you about my family and friends but that's just too much information. Do not post pictures of yourself, your family, or your friends. We will remove them!

Why I Care

I care about my topic because it affects me on a daily basis, it affects my mom/dad/brother/sister/dog, it affects the future stability of our country, it's just so darn cool. This explanation should take about a pargraph but remember not to reveal too much information about yourself. Use vague terms to refer to family and friends or come up with pseudonyms. This is a little short but since I don't have an actual topic, I have nothing to write about. But you care about your issue for a reason. Why did you choose it? Is half your paycheck going to gas money? Is your cell phone taken away once a week? Are you worried about what the country will be like for your grandchildren?

Here are links to the rest of my project:

Outline of my problem
The opposing viewpoint
Why we need to fix this
My solution