EH High Scool Drop Out Issues

Dropping Out of High School

Dropping out of school may seem like an easy way out, but there are consequences to dropping out of high school that has an effect on the rest of your life. I have researched the topic of high school drop outs and have found interesting background information, different aspects of the issue, and some possible solutions.

I am a senior in high school. I enjoy riding horses, working out, and hanging out with freinds. I have 2 jobs, i work at a bagel shop and at a local hospital. I live with my mom and dog, Max. My dad lives about 15 miles away in another town. My sister is married to a great guy named Kevin. My brother lives in Conneticut.

I am interested in helping people that have dropped out of high school because I have freinds that have dropped out. Not only do I want to help the actual drop out, but i want to lend a helping hand to the family's of that person. I want to help them get their lives back in order because I think it is important that everyone is as succsessful as they can be. I do not think dropping out of high school is the correct way to go and I think these people have more potential.

"Dropouts are more likely than high school graduates to be unemployed, in poor health, living in poverty, on public assistance, and single parents of children who drop out of high school."

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Dropping Out of High School