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In society bullying is sometimes put “under the rug” and never really spoken about until something tragic happens, such as the Virginia Tech shootings or the Columbine disaster. When, in reality, bullying happens every day and is increasing in every school, home, and community. With the advancement of technology kids are starting to get new ideas on how to bully someone whether it be in person, on the internet, or through text messaging.

  • -" In a 2002 survey of students in grades five through 12 conducted by the Families and Work Institute, 32% of students responded that they were the victims of bullying at least once permonth, and 12% reported being bullied five times or more in a single month. Furthermore, 23% states that they had acted as bullies at least once during the previous month. (1)
  • " In 2005, 28% of students age 12 to 18 reported being bullied in the previous six months-- double the figure from years earlier accroding to the U.S. Department of Justice." (1)

One of the main problems is the teachers and the lack of ethics in schools. We need to start teaching the kids that the teasing and the bullying is flat out wrong and that they should take the time to respect and care for their classmates. Not only do they need to teach them this but they need to say that cyber bullying, physical bullying, and violence is not accepted. Another group of people that are held responsible, other than the bullies and
the teachers, is the parents. “ We also need a generation of parents who are willing to hold school boards, teachers and school administrators accountable for their actions,”. (2)

I believe that we should start to instill programs in schools and communities that will help teach kids that bullying is not right and what the potential outcomes may be. Whether the program be apart of the curriculum or just a workshop that students attend each year awareness will greatly impact the children and the percentage of bullying will hopefully decrease.

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