A bully is someone who directs physical, verbal, or psychological aggression or harassment toawrds others, with the goal of gaining power over or dominating an individual. Bullying is the most effective causes to violence in schools. The Columbine shooting in 1999 really sparked school districts all over the nation and made them think to themselves, "we need to do something about this"

I am a male senior from Hunterdon Central High School, who enjoys the outdoors and playing baseball. I am a volunteer firefighter, and involved with the Flemington Borough Police Explorers. My goal in life is to become a New Jersey State Police Officer with a master's degree in Criminal Justice. The reason why I want to be a police officer is because I want to put respect behind my last name and it will make me a better person.

The reason why I chose bullying is because of a time that I had in my life where I was bullied in my life. About four years ago, my father got ran over by a bulldozer and it was a very tradgic moment for me because I respect my father more than anything. I missed school for a couple days and when I went back, I was on the cross country team and had a meet on that day. During the meet, I had placed third place out of thirty eight middle school boys. I was very proud of myself until I went inside the locker room. A bully who was in my grade said something that I didn't like. He said, " Are you going to go home and tell your crippled dad about your meet today?" I have a very short temper and I did not take it easy. I walked up to the kid and had some words with him. Then I put him in a choke hold and made him pass out. This left me suspended from middle school for three days but I did it for my father because no one ever disrespects me. Bullying is my topic because I wanted to share with the public what it can do to people like me and what it is like today.

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