Research has shown that long-term consequences are associated with bullying others and being bullied. Research conducted in 1993 indicates that children who are bullied often suffer from depression and low self-esteem well into adulthood.

The act of bullying can become a "gateway" to other negative behaviors in adolescence such as vandalism, shoplifting and drug use and to more serious crimes committed in adulthood.

Sixty percent of males who were bullies in grades six through nine were convicted of at least one crime as adults, compared with twenty three percent of males who did not engage in bullying others. Further, fourty percent of these former school bullies had three or more convictions by age 24. compared with ten percent of their non-bullying peers.


Kids who are bullied often suffer from depression, low self-esteem, and loneliness.
  • Nearly seventy five percent of attackers threatened to kill themselves, made suicidal gestures or actually attempted suicide before they attacked the school.

  • The decision to commit or attempt suicide often involves a number of contributing factors.

  • Isolating any particular factor as the primary cause often proves impossible scientifically unless compelling evidence

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Research has shown that kids who are bullied tend to have poor grades and to drop out of school at a higher rate than their peers.
    • It is not clear that having lower grades is caused by bullying others any more than bullying is cause by recieving lower grades.

Female Bullying female%20bullying%20in%20workplace.jpg

Boys generally bully in direct and physical ways; girls who bully often do so indirectly by teasing and spreading rumors.

There are three different types of adolecent female aggression:
1. Relational- damage or the threat of damage to a relationship
2. Indirect- allows the perpetrator to avoid confronting her target and makes it seem as though there has been no intent to hurt the recipient
3. Social- damages the recipient's self-esteem or social status within a group by rumor spreading or social exclusion
  • Female bullying is less likely to come to the attention of school personnel, even though students report that it is common.

Columbine Shooting in Littleton, Colorado (1999)columbine-first-two-victims3.jpg

18 year old, Eric Harris, and 17 year old, Dylan Klebold killed 13 individuals and injured more than 20 others during this attack.

They both entered the Columbine High School with semi-automatic handguns, sawed off shotguns, and improvised explosive devices.

At the end, they both have commited suicide due to the fact that they knew the outcome of what would happened to them if they would stay alive.

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