Opposing View Point

Facts and quotes on why the driving age should not be raised:

Druker explained that since the new teen driver safety law, which went into effect Jan. 1, 2008, teen deaths have been on a sharp decline. There have been 44 fewer teen fatalities in 2008, which he attributed to the training that has been instituted for students.

"White feels that with good training there is no reason to increase the age," Dave Druker, spokesperson for Secretary White, said.

But veteran driver's education teachers are skeptical about raising the age when a teenager can get a license.

"That's like saying we're not going to let any kid get near a pool or lake or the ocean and the drownings will go down," said Brent Johnston, a driving teacher at Hinsdale Central since 1974. "I think Illinois has gone the proper way—reward the kids who do a nice job and penalize the kids who don't. The teen driving issues are not about age and maturity as much as they are about making good choices and demonstrating exceptional behavior, whether they start that driving experience at 16, 17 or 18."


Except raising the driving age won't save lives. Studies show that it is inexperience not age, that causes accidents. Raising the driving age will just create inexperiencedaccident-prone drivers at 18 instead of 16.


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